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IMPORTANT: This page might not display the very last releases. If you are not searching a concrete version, check the last one at All versions

Gravetat3D v0.9.1

More standard build and package system. Windows binaries released.

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Gravetat3D v0.9

Includes a graphical interface. Source code and RPM only!

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Gravetat3D v0.6

Collision engine revised to accomplish kinetic energy and momentum conservation. New GRV format and initial velocities added.

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Gravetat3D v0.5.1

SVG exporting complete as announced. Mac OS X binaries available.

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Gravetat3D v0.5

Exporting to SVG has been enabled as a preview feature. Will be complete on 0.5.1. No Mac OS X binary version, sorry.

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Gravetat3D v0.4

A speed problem with kernel 2.6 and the mac version have been fixed. The collision engine has been improved. Now with win32 and rpm installers - waiting for macosx volunteers...

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Gravetat3D v0.3.1

Fixed an ugly bug about random universes.

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Gravetat3D v0.3

The time regulator has been fixed and the GRV format changed. libPunts source is included instead of binaries.

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Gravetat 3D v0.2

Important changes are a time regulator and a complete GRV input format. This version requires libPunts v1.2 (Win32 and Linux versions included).

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Gravetat 3D

First Gravetat3D release. Now written in C++, uses libPunts and works with any Win32 and Linux.

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Gravetat 2D

Gravetat2D is the initial project. It is written in VB.NET and only works with Windows and .NET. The texts are in catalan.


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