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Now making Gravetat compatible with the recently relesed libPunts 3.3. This helped fixing a bug with autoconf in libPunts, so another version of the library will need to be released. Working code is already in the CVS repository. I'm also considering switching the GUI toolkit to Anjuta-Gtk+. User comments about this would be appreciated.
After releasing the GUI for Posix systems, I'm trying to make it work with Windows. At least I want to link it dinamically so packets won't be very big.
I changed hardware and development OS to a notebook with Fedora 3. After some secondary changes it works correctly, and I already have a RPM. But I want to polish languages before releasing anything (I had problems with accents).
This month I've been working on a GUI for editing GRV files. It's being developed using wxWidgets so it's very portable, and DialogBlocks is helping a lot with code generation. As the project isn't available in CVS, you can't test it but see how it looks at the screenshots section.
New and fully packaged Mac OS X binaries! Thanks to Nicholas Ink, who built them. They have been available for a week at least, but I didn't write about them. In a few days something like Gravetat 0.6 will be available, I detected a problem with conservation of both momentum and kinetic energy when a collision happens.
New year, new features. Version 0.5 enabled a preview of SVG exporting; version 0.5.1 (coming soon) will provide more flexibility (command-line options). Take a look at the screenshots section to know what am I talking about. Adding initial velocities to the particles is also a 'to do', as well as the always-missing GUI.
With version 0.4 in, the project has increased its downloads count. Somebody submitted it to, too. Thanks to him/her. Now development is centered in one of the two main missing features: exporting to a video format - the other is a GUI -.
Gravetat is now in a second plane while its rendering engine is being improved. The project team (me) is like single-threaded code, so it can't do more than one thing at the same time. Version 0.3 has libPunts 1.3 included in its source code. It's a good idea to replace it with libPunts 1.4's source and compile it again to get the improvements.
The GUI has been left in a second stage until more important work is finished. By now I'm centered in developing libPunts to be really compatible with MacOSX. I'll also study the possibility of exporting to SWF, as with Gravetat2D.
Now planning a GUI GRV format editor. Looks interesting, but I only have a couple of drawings about it. I've prepared another version of Gravetat (0.3) with GRV version 2. I think the last wasn't structured enough.
After 3 months of work, including the creation of libPunts, here is the 3D version of Gravetat. I will add some command-line options, but an editor like Gravetat2D's looks so difficult only with Xlib. I'll probably split the editor in independent Win32 and Linux versions.
I am not working on this project now, but I have plans for restarting the work soon, with Gravetat 3D.

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