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Another release of libPunts. Thanks to Pere, who reported a bug with Win32 version, I could fix a deeper problem with time handling in threads. I added some on-screen info while debugging, and I left it there because it was nice. And since I was fixing time control, I put a 50 frames per second maximum; just to save processor time, it gets too hot on summer.
Win32 release of libPunts. After some small changes, it is now possible to build libPunts with X-MinGW. A package with the library and the demo in Win32 format is included.
New release of libPunts. This version is unstable due to many new code - and in fact a preview of 4.0. All the features since the last report have been implemented: it is more C++ oriented, and has new features such as basic 2-D geometry, optional outlines in polygons and simple transparency. Camera movements should be more stable too, since polar coordinates are now (a bit) better handled. Not perfect, though. This release includes library+demo in a single package again.
libPunts is in a transition mode. A major code cleanup to let libPunts use C++ instead of just C is in progress. Code is in a hybrid status now, but the main changes to API have already been done. I might make a pre-release soon, if I can fix polar coordinates in vectors, which have broken again. Furthermore, some new features were implemented too. This includes some 2-D geometry, optional outlines in polygons and (one) transparent color.
New release of libPunts. Now I changed my working environment to Gentoo with Gnome and Anjuta, so now I can use autotools with no extra effort. The project is more Linux-friendly and, although Windows support may have screwed up, it should not be difficult to be fixed shortly.
Yesterday I uploaded a new release of libPunts. I'm relatively happy with it, since code is much cleaner but extremely unstable. I think it will need a revision XD. But things don't finish here. I'm thinking about making the library more modular (2D drawing, 3D maths, 3D objects and OS communication) because I'm working in other projects where I don't need the full code and I suppose it would be useful to choose what to include in your program. (Supposing there is another libPunts user). The main steps about this are already done, in fact now parts have more defined dependences.
Many changes for this new year! Although version 2.0 was released a month ago, the next version has proportionally much more improvements. The only reason for the '2' was SVG(Z). In the next release, which will take place in a week or less, many bugs have been fixed, and a 'Cami' feature has been added. 'Cami' stands for 'path', but with a meaning more similar to 'small road' rather than to 'polygon'. It can be used to make borders and, logically, paths. For a preview, you can visit the screenshots section.
Take a look at the screenshots section. A pair of SVG animations have been uploaded so you can see what's beeing cooked. Enabling SVG exports was really simple, due to the flexibility of both SVG specification and libPunts code. And it has no speed problems (at least at my PC). But size should be improved: 4 MB for a 10 seconds animation. This is about 25 MB per minute :-(.
Now thinking in a good format to let programs export to. SWF is very good, but its dictionary isn't appropiate for spheres. SVG is also nice, but an XML-based format would probably not be fast enough. And about rasterized video, a normal program such as Gravetat3D would need about 30MB per minute to get a decent quality. No solution? We'll see...
LibPunts 1.4 was released some days ago and is having the same popularity as 1.3, 1.2, ... which tends to be zero :-D. Now working on version 1.5, which by now is supporting DGA (only in my PC). I'll polish the code and version 1.5 will be here in a week or two.
Mac version of libPunts was a disaster. It got locked and could run only once - then it began struggling with its own memory leaks. Now I've discovered this was a (strange) threading problem which is resulting more difficult to fix than what it seemed. I'll release version 1.4 when finished with this. Oh, and good news for you, the only-bin downloaders. The binaries will create really randomly located spheres, so you will be able to see something more without changing the code.
Preparing version 1.3, which will be released with Gravetat 0.3
Found a bug in the downloads page which was showing 1.0 beta version instead of 1.1 stable
Some small changes done to add more compatibility with Gravetat
Stable version released.

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